Heat Loss

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Thermal imaging and heat loss pinpointing We now have ways to see through your walls and see where foam will be the most cost effective. It is always the best idea to do your whole house, but if costs are holding you back from a complete insulation redo, but you still want to improve on that drafty old house, than why not find your most troubling areas and target them. We can also tell you exactly which windows are still holding theie seal and which windows need replacement. Again helping make every dollar spent a dollar earned! Cost of imaging is only $200 and comes with a full report including pictures in both infrared and normal so you can see what we have found. Also any work done will come with a free second report so you can see proof that we have hit your problem areas and fixed them.

  • Before

  • The thermal imaging shows the air leakage around the door and base board otherwise invisible.

  • After - We used just a simple caulking to help seal the air infiltration and show just how important sealing a house is.

  • Notice the temperature scale on the bottom of screens & the fact that the amount of cold has shrunk considerably. This is not a total fix just showing the importance of air sealing.

  • Old Window seal is gone.

  • Thermal imaging shows just how costly this could be

  • Here is an example of air leakage around a window caused by poor insulation and vapour barrier sealing the wall and the window