Interior Finishing


The best way to change a room is the floor! How about new heated ceramic tile in the bathroom or kitchen? Or new custom hardwood flooring throughout the dining and living room. Vinyl, laminate or just refinishing and existing hardwood floor that you found under some old carpet. The possibilities are endless, just call and we can find what fits for you.

Upgrade trim or base board

nothing sets off a room like well done trims. It is the best way to really finish off that project. Whether it's new doors or windows, a floor or just old tired layers and layers of caulking and paint from years of trying to make your trim look like new.

Interior doors

Interior doors not closing properly?? But you would like to keep it original? Full Span Construction can re-finish doors to breath some new life into the house. Or if you rather new wood or painted doors.

Drop ceiling

Drop ceiling is a very easy way to spruce up a basement and hide all that ugly wiring and plumbing to give any space a finished feel wile giving you the opportunity to get at it if you need to in the future. Plus it ads a fire rating giving you piece of mind for you and your family.

Leaky basements

Fix leaky basements without having the cost of digging up the yard. With a combination of water management membranes, DOW clad mate and DOW SPF spray foam to seal out moisture and critters while providing you with a possibility to now finish or just leave as a dry workable space. Don't forget about the energy efficiency you will gain!