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Roofing and Siding - Fall 2013

Hard Wood Floor Installation

Roof Repairs

  • As you can see there have been a few attempts at fixing a leak around the chimney.

  • After pulling away old shingles the water marks were visible around the bottom of the chimney.

  • You can see here the wood has a grayish colour from water damage.

  • Water may have been getting in from the top corners of the flashing it looked to be cut short on the edges.

  • Ice and water shield was applied all the way around the chimney. This pic is showing a view from the bottom.

  • The saddle has been made wider than the base to insure that water stays on top of shingles.

  • Here is the finished product. Saddle top view.

  • Chimney base.

  • Chimney base side view.

  • Chimney base - Before

  • Stripped

  • New ice and water sheild being applied.

  • Chimney base- After.

  • Chimney base - After.

  • Shingles were removed around the vent to check for water damage. No signs found.

  • Finished product.

  • Our newest crew memeber.

  • The hungry helper joined us for lunch.

  • And away he goes.

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