Spray Foam

Common areas to apply spray foam include:

1: Under side of roof deck

Free up space in your attick for some of the mechanical devices in your house or make an extra room for storage and/or living space.

2: Attic floor

This is the most common area for heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, by taking out old insulation and installing DOW styro foam brand spray foam at a 2" depth to seal and form a superior airtight vapour barrier while increasing r value and reinstalling old or new insulation(blow-in) or a half pound foam(coming soon) you can expect to stop heat loss from the highest loss area in a building which gives you the best return for your money and is often done in 1 day. also there is no added costs of renovating interior or exterior finishes.

3: Exterior walls

In most older homes there is nothing insulating exterior walls or a sub-grade type of insulation at best with no vapour barrier at all allowing air to easily penitrate your house carrying with it allergens, dust and pollens. and with no insulation your heating/cooling costs are taking the hit. being a licenced journeyman carpenter as well as a certified spray foam installer we can come from the outside or inside of an exterior wall to replace your insulation with as much or as little foam as you like. A lot of older houses are built with 2X4 studs and with conventional batt insulation can only get an r - 12 at best (SEE ACTUAL r-values) where with the same space with spray foam you can get up to r - 28 in the same space with a far better seal to tighten building envelope, strengthen building and most of all save you money!

4: Sound proofing

Easily sound proof floors, walls around bedrooms or mechanical rooms. and around showers to keep the house peaceful, quiet and comfortable.

5: Insulate basements and crawl spaces

Another problem area is basements do to moist air commonly found in basements and crawl spaces batt insulation can be rendered useless very quickly and will also trap and hold moisture that can lead to rotting in the structure and mould which leads to health problems. also makes most basements unusable for living space. Spray foam will not rot or mould and wont be infiltrated by moisture and will actually fill and seal gaps and cracks to help stop moisture from getting in in the first place. also with the carpentry back round we are able to build and finish your basement and turn it into a usable comfortable living space that is worm and free of pests and moisture. also you can feel safer knowing that mould and rot is not going to be a health issue for you and your family.


Under Side of Roof



Exterior Walls