We have provided a board foot calculator to make our spray foam quoting process easier. Board feet is a measurement used to determine how much spray foam will be needed to insulate a room. Once you have an amount of board feet needed, you can then give this number to our staff to recieve a price quote.


  • 1. Measure the perimeter of the room you wish to insulate
  • This means measuring the length of all the exterior walls in the room and adding them together, this calculator only applies to rooms, it does not apply to floors or crawspaces.

  • 2. Measure the ceiling height
  • From the floor to the top of the wall.

  • 3. Decide what R value you would like to have in your walls
  • You can select this from the first drop down menu, each inch thickness of spray foam translates into R-7.

  • 4. Enter your length and ceiling height measurements
  • Make sure your measurements are in standard feet.

  • 5. Press calculate
  • You can now use this number to request a quote in our contact section.

    Note: It is not necessary to use this calculator to receive a quote. It is just an aid to make the process easier. Feel free to contact us for an onsite quote.

    Board Foot Calculator

    Work out how much board feet of spray foam you will need to insulate a room.