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Foam Installer


Who we are

We operate in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Our staff consists of licensed journeyman carpenters, and certified UFC spray foam manufacturer and installers, we have the knowledge and top of the line equipment to install a superior product. We take the latest in building technologies and combine them with custom carpentry to make top quality new home construction and renovations. We take pride in every job we do!

The Role

The “installer” will be directed by the foam Management person or the COO. This position when done correctly will include all maintenance of equipment, including system flushing, gun repair, and maintenance, trailer upkeep, generator servicing and maintenance, compressor service and maintenance. You will be in charge of training and leading one helper to do set-up and assisting of the foam install, scraping and clean-up of job sites, and all safety precautions required for any personnel or others present during the installation. Keeping supplies stocked so that there is minimal downtime when the busy times are in full swing. On location, there will be measuring potential work when not needed for the maintenance and up-keep of trailer and equipment. Proper record-keeping is required via filling out daily work records(on paper) and job creation and updating (build book application)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • System flushing
  • Gun repair/maintenance
  • Trailer upkeep
  • Generator servicing/maintenance
  • Compressor service/maintenance
  • Training and leadership
  • Scraping and clean-up of job sites
  • Following all safety precautions required
  • Keeping supplies stocked
  • Proper record-keeping


  • Must have smartphone
  • Valid driver’s license
  • CCMC certificate
  • Ability to lead others


  • $25-$35 per hour
  • An added .05C per board foot
  • The board foot bonus can be held in an investment account and paid out yearly or can be paid out on each pay period.
  • You will have full access to our in house specialist but will be required to learn as much as possible to make your way up to full wage.


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