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Building science and technology has come a long way in energy efficiency, water management, and overall longevity of a building. As the costs of energy keeps going up we are looking at building very efficient homes and using solar energy to build net zero homes. The technology is available and is now more affordable than ever! Imagine no more heating and cooling bills.

We are dedicated to finding out what your needs are! Whether you would like to pick one of our preferred house packages or you already have one. We will then work with you to make necessary changes in order to customize the plan just for your tastes and answer any questions you may have. Once we come to a mutual agreement, we then handle all the leg work from there and you are able to sit back and relax while our experts handle all the permits, insurance and all necessary information required to build a house in Ontario.

We have multiple crews that are specially put together and optimized for their specific area in the building process. By having trained and licensed carpenters running the framing, exterior and interior teams, Certified spray foam installers running the insulation crew along with apprentices. We are able to build the highest quality houses faster, minimizing outsourcing so can keep our costs down and stay extremely competitive. We walk along side you every step of the way in your new construction project.

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Step 1

Have a Family Meeting – Pick out the plans for a home or homes you are interested in and fit your vision

Step 2

Contact Full Span – Contact Us, go to our contact page and submit a form. We will have one of our friendly staff call you at your selected time. They will be able to answer questions and set up an appointment time with one of our estimators.

Step 3

Estimating a Price: Our estimator will call you with a “realistic” estimate that will help assist you in any decisions regarding your budget. You can then check with your lender to get the financing started.

Step 4

Picking your House: We will set up a meeting with your assigned sales professional to set the proposal price based on your estimate discussed. From there we will get straight to work on ordering plans (or in-house design), sending in RFQ’s for all subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, etc.

Step 5

Working Proposal – We will submit for material pricing, do a breakdown schedule, a detailed and in-depth scope of work and stages, warrant details, insurance required, and payment schedules. All information required by most lending firms so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Step 6

Designer – During the proposal process we are able to change things whether it’s adding or taking things out in order to suit both your budget and lifestyle. We reserve the right to limit revisions to 5 hrs and or 3 redo’s and may ask for payment up-front to continue

Step 7

Proposal After we have customized the house you envisioned, we sign the legal and binding contract that is built right into the proposal, accept the deposit, and schedule the start of completion date for your home.

Step 8

A Pre-Construction Meeting – Will be scheduled within one week of receiving the deposit. We will have Building insurance, permits and warranty applications submitted, and will issue your very own custom made new home owners guide which will help guide you through the rest of the building process.
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